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C Language – The Fundamentals of Loops and Functions (course 2)

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What will you learn?

  • By completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand and apply the different types of loops in C to repeat tasks.
  • Master the use of break and continue flow control instructions to refine the logic of your loops.
  • Manipulate arrays in C using loops to perform tasks such as searching and sorting.
  • Create and use functions in C, understand the concepts of passing by value and passing by reference.
  • Identify and handle errors in your C programs using assertions, debugging, and error code handling.
  • Apply the skills learned by developing a hands-on project in C that will implement loops and functions to solve a problem.

Course content

Chapter 1: Introduction to C Loops

  • Understanding the for Loop
  • Understanding the while Loop
  • Understanding the do…while Loop
  • Preventing Infinite Loops
  • Test your knowledge of C Loops

Chapter 2: Deepening C Loops

Chapter 3: Functions in C
Welcome to the fascinating world of C functions, the fundamental building blocks that will transform your code into a modular and efficient work of art! It's a bit like having a toolbox where each tool has a specific role to play. Ready to dive into this structured universe? So let's go !

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4 months ago
This course is really understanding.